L AECO Corporation

  • Conception

    The creation of easement of capital mobility through a digital real estate platform supported by an asset backed token

  • Real Estate Symposiums

    Engaged strategic industry players and real estate partners to obtain industry consonance

  • LAECO Corporation

    Our business team is assembled and token sale preparation commence for direct investment in real estate development projects and support of the Development Project Rewards Program

  • Private Sale (Whitelist)

    Token sale available to registered whitelist participants only

  • Pre-Sale

    Token sale available to early adopters

  • Public Sale

    Token sale available to the public

  • Development Project Rewards Program

    Investors participate in development projects by allocating their tokens towards their choice of project. Additional projects will be acquired with re-invested funds

  • External Exchange Participation

    Devolve token will be listed on major exchanges to support the value of the token

  • Technology Advancement

    Integrate blockchain and smart contracts technology throughout the platform and develop iOS and Android applications

  • Enhanced Development Project Rewards Program

    Launch a fully functional decentralized program

  • Global Property Registry

    Promotion of a decetralized registry for title mangement

  • Third-Party Providers

    Offer API integration to local third-party service providers allowing investors to engage in affiliate services directly from the AERY Platform

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Partner with local government and urban planning departments. Propagate associations with leading developers to provide added benefits to the Devolve Platform

  • Global Proprietary PPI

    Introduce a comprehensive index of global property price trends and other measurements for accurate property valuation based on data stored on the blockchain

  • PoE Protocol

    Launch a data collection system allowing users to collate property-related historical events into a global database

  • International Expansion

    Expand across USA, Europe and Asia by partnering with local governments, developers and real estate companies. Provide multi-language support

  • Real Estate Ecosystem

    The emergence and acceptance of a dedicated technological solution for a new real estate standard applied to all transactions related to the real estate industry

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